Why a Doodle?

The devotion of a Labradoodle is unmistakable, they are very intuitive and just want to please and be your best friend.   Their happy and joyful nature can't help but put a smile on your face. Labradoodles are best suited when they are part of the family like taking the kids to school, going on outings with everyone, grabbing a Starbucks and maybe getting a Puppuccino. They want to be part of the family!

The Australian Labradoodle is allergy friendly, with a nearly odor free non-shedding coat, making this breed a popular choice for those that are allergic to dogs. The non-shed coat means that you will not have dog hair on your furniture, carpeting and clothes. Their coat will require some grooming.


This breed is highly intelligence and makes it easy to train. If not trained they can outwit their human companion in a hurry. They love to learn new things and excel at an amazing pace. They make excellent performance dogs, such as agility, guide dogs, assistance dogs and more.


Most Labradoodles love water, making them a fun dog to take on outings having to do with water, boating, lake swimming, beach going and such. Sprinklers are typically fun for them to play in and enjoyed, especially in the Texas heat. If you have a pool, use caution until they know how to get out on their own. If one of their toys happens to fall in the pool, they typically will end up in the pool to get it. Just use caution until you feel comfortable...