Our Boys

Big Tex "Moose" On the Loose

Standard Australian Labradoodle 24" 65 lbs.

Sire: Country Epic Discovery "Milo Jr."

Dam: Country Phoebe Ray Buffay

Color/Coat: Wavy Fleece Chocolate ~ Parti-Carrier

Moose is just a sweetheart who loves kids and other dogs...he also loves his cat brother Oliver. His coat is a beautiful chocolate soft fleece, he is just a handsome boy. He has a great temperament and just wants to please. Going to the lake is always a fun time while he is splashing in the water and chasing sticks. Moose lives with his guardian family in Houston.

Stud Services ~ Available Soon!

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Country Epic Discovery "Milo Jr."

Standard Australian Labradoodle 23" 65 lbs

SIRE: Country Epic Milestone “Milo”

DAM: Country Decadent Mochaccino “Mocha”

Milo Jr. is the result of many years of dog breeding, focusing on all of the elements that make for an Epic dog. Milo has the size, temperament, structure, soundness and good health that we strive to achieve in our dogs. He is a dream to watch move and maneuver his body at any speed, a very athletic and happy dog. We look forward to his contribution the breed development and the pups he will sire that go on to be great family companions and service/therapy dogs across the country.

Milo Jr. is owned by:

Country Labradoodles~

Photos are courtesy of Country Labradoodles

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Brookside Captain Of Charm "Captain"

Standard Australian Labradoodle 24.5" 66lbs
SIRE: Southern Cross Captain Maverick
DAM: Country's By The Brook

Captain is owned by:

Country Labradoodles~

Photos are courtesy of Country Labradoodles

Captain has all of the great temperament qualities that the breed is so well known for, matched with outstanding health scores, great structure, bone and substance. He has also produced puppies that have moved on to become therapy dogs. Captain is the whole package, just a wonderful dog.

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