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How to qualify as a guardian?

This is a wonderful opportunity for selected families to have one of our Labradoodle adults or puppies for a nominal adoption fee. We maintain full breeding rights of the dog for a determined period of time while the dog or puppy lives permanently with the guardian family as their loving companion. You must be willing to feed what we suggest and follow breeders recommendations for the dogs basic health care. You must live around the Houston area, about 1 hour away. You will need to enroll the puppy in basic obedience classes or private trainer and you must have a physical or invisible fence.

Females~ Will be with us for about 7-9 weeks after giving birth and then she will come home to you.

Males ~ You must be willing to work with us to coordinate breeding of our males. We may ask that you take the dog to a local vet for collection, and shipping of semen. This allows the dog to stay with you, we retain sole breeding rights of this dog.

Day to day expenses and regular veterinary care will be the responsibility of the guardian home. Breeding expenses and health testing pertinent to breeding will be the responsibility of Big Tex Labradoodles.

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