Health Guarantee

This is a wonderful opportunity for selected families to have one of our Labradoodle adults or puppies for a nominal adoption fee. We maintain full breeding rights of the dog for a determined period of time while the dog or puppy lives permanently with the guardian family as their loving companion. You must be willing to feed what we suggest and follow breeders recommendations for the dogs basic health care. You must live around the Houston area, about 1 hour away. You will need to enroll the puppy in basic obedience classes or private trainer and you must have a physical or invisible fence.

Breeder guarantees that the dog is free of life threatening diseases or disabilities for 72 hours after the dog’s transfer to buyer.  Should any life threatening diseases or disabilities be discovered by the buyer within this 72 hour period, the buyer must provide to the breeder written documentation of such disease and/or disability from a licensed veterinarian within the 72 hour period in order for the breeder to provide buyer with a replacement puppy (when such puppy becomes available) or refund the purchase price to buyer upon the dog’s return to the breeder at the breeder’s expense.  Any costs/fees associated with the transport of the replacement puppy will be the responsibility of the buyer.


Should buyer decide not to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within the 72 hours, the buyer will forfeit any right to replacement of puppy or any refund of the purchase price for life threatening disease or disabilities.


**Please make sure when you take the puppy to your vet that the puppy is not placed on the ground. It is the owner's responsibility to use reasonable judgment with their new puppy. Puppies should not be brought to parks, pet stores etc. They need to have completed their full cycle of vaccinations, due to risk of a contagious illness.


Breeder will provide buyer with a medical chart detailing treatment/tests that the dog has received under breeder’s care, and any future care that breeder feels is essential to dog’s well-being.  Puppy will be micro-chipped once sent home with paperwork that needs to be filled out with new owner information. Due to issues arising with neutering/spaying young puppies, we suggest puppies be spayed/neutered by 8 months of age, unless it is deemed harmful by the vet. This would be an unusual circumstance. We do have a contract that will need to be signed regarding spaying/neutering of the puppy.  The breeder does not assume any liability for any injury to said dog during transport or after delivery.

Breeder assumes no responsibility for any health related issues or loss of life due to reactions caused by vaccinations or flea and tick preparations administered by any person, either orally or on the skin surface.


The breeder provides a two year warranty after the date of sale against any life threatening “genetic disorder” that is life threatening.   Should a serious genetic disorder be discovered, the breeder will offer a replacement puppy from the next available litter.  All veterinary records must be supplied to the breeder.  In the case of HD (Hip Dysplasia) the buyer must provide documentation from OFA at (buyer’s expense).  If the dog has HD due to the buyer allowing dog to become overweight,  excessive exercise, or jumping during puppies 1st year, or an accident the buyer will take responsibility.  In the case of PRA (Progressive Retinol Atrophy) the buyer must provide documentation from a veterinary ophthalmologist (buyer’s expense).


The breeder reserves the right, at the breeder’s expense, to have the dog checked by a veterinarian of the breeder’s choice before offering a replacement puppy.


The dog is only guaranteed to the original purchaser.  If the dog has been sold, the health guarantee becomes null and void. ​ ​